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We manufacture a wide range of high-quality standard and bespoke timber products on site, such as:


  • Octagonal King Poles, 130mm diameter, up to a maximum of 23'

  • Round King Poles, 100mm diameter, up to a maximum of 23’

  • 95mm x 7’6” Octagonal Side Poles

  • 3” x 7’ Round Side Poles

  • 1 ¾” x 7' Round Side Poles

  • King Pole Flag Finials

  • 4” Round Ridge Poles with swan connections for Push Up or bale ring connections or Pull Up

  • 6m Ladder Truss (Split for ease of transport)

  • 9” Sawn Ash Pegs

  • 12” Sawn Ash Pegs

  • 15” Sawn Ash Pegs

  • Slips for sidelines

  • Range of Finials

  • Link Canopies

  • Entrance Canopies

  • Stretch tent Outrigger Side Poles/Main Poles

Tapered poles and other sizes available on request, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

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