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  • How big a Pole marquee do I need?
    This is dependent on your application, seating plan, furniture choice, whether you require a dance floor, bar, reception area etc. As a rule of thumb assume each 12m x 6m rectangular space can accommodate 50 people for a wedding party. For a 200-person wedding consider 12m x 24m square ended marquee or 12m x 30m round ended.
  • Which fabric would you recommend?
    We offer a range of fabric types and colours, to cater for everyone’s application and taste. In general, PVC fabrics are easier to clean and maintain than Polycotton Canvas; so will look fresher for longer. However, PVC cloths are welded whereas Polycotton Canvas is a stitched cloth and looks more authentic. Polycotton Canvas needs to be initially conditioned (4-5 wet and dry cycles) before it is water tight. This cloth can also vary in colour dependant on the batch number, although is photo sensitive so any initial variations will even out over exposure to sunlight and this is common across and fabric.
  • How easy is it to transport and store my Pole Marquee?
    The King Pole is the longest component and depends on marquee type and span chosen. The longest King Pole we offer is 7m. We can sleeve this – for round poles only– if required. The remainder of the marquee will pack down to pallets and 2.1m or 2.3m wall poles.
  • How can I ensure my team can construct, de-rig and maintain my marquee?
    We offer a FREE training session for your first marquee purchase. This includes how to set out the marquee, as well as hands on experience constructing and de-rigging the marquee.
  • What vehicle is required to transport the equipment?
    Pole Marquees pack down well; major items are King Poles (up to 23’, depending on span). Long items can sometimes be made in 2 parts and sleeved to reduce transportation requirements. Frame Marquee generally take more space than a Pole Marquee (due to increased framework). Their maximum framework length is typically governed by the roof beam. Again these can be made in 2 parts and sleeved to reduce carry lengths.
  • What maintenance should I consider?
    Oil or varnish wooden components to prolong their lifespan. Avoid them withstanding high temperature and humidity variations. Ensure all fabrics are stored dry to avoid mould growth. Store away from vermin.
  • How do I store my polycotton canvas?
    PC400 must be cleaned thoroughly and fully dried before storing. PC400 must only be air dried naturally. PC400, like all natural fabrics, is susceptible to mildew. Mildew growth is promoted in damp, warm conditions, especially where there is a source of food for the growth. Care needs to be taken to remove all dampness and food sources prior to storage.
  • How do I clean my polycotton canvas?
    To clean PC400, allow the tent and dirt to dry and then brush the dirty area gently with a soft brush. PC400 can me rinsed down using water from a bucket or hose. NEVER use any solvents or soap product and do NOT use pressure washers as either of these may wash the proofing product out of the canvas. Dirt and animal droppings should be cleaned from the canvas as soon as possible, certainly within one week.
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